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Companion Maids was founded in late 2013 to help modernize the cleaning industry in Chicago, which to this day is still a bit archaic. We offer premium quality cleaning, are bonded-insured and you can conveniently book online in 60 seconds or less.

After a great first year in business in 2014 where we became a six figure company, we doubled in revenue in 2015, then again in 2016.

Companion Maids was acquired in 2017 by a private company.

Vicky Logo

Vicky Virtual was created out of a need. Me and my former partner needed a way to get phones answered for our respective cleaning businesses, and we didn’t love any of our options. 

We started with an idea in October 2014 and launched Jan 1, 2015. Vicky Virtual has since become my largest company, serving hundreds of clients in dozens of industries across the US and Canada. We also employ agents across the US.

Our goal is to make our business clients “look good on the phone” by providing smiling voices and enthusiastic live inbound answering, outbound calling and appointment booking services.


Flashy Photo Booth was born out of my desire to try out yet another local service business that was a bit more hands on. I teamed up with my former SEO guy for Companion Maids, and my girlfriend (now wife) and we set out to dominate the wedding/corporate event photo booth market in Chicago.

We launched in mid-2016 and my wife and I had our first experiences working together as a team in a professional setting. This was a great experience for us!

The company was eventually acquired in August 2017.


Cara Virtual was an idea that crossed my mind occasionally, but was eventually pitched to me as a serious venture by Thomas, the co-founder. There are small businesses who are better served through call answering, and other businesses who are better served through a comprehensive assistant offering. Cara is the latter.

We went from idea to launch in about 30 days, acquiring our first client the day we started in April 2017. We have since grown to a few dozen full time VAs handling 8 figures in combined client business revenues. We have three full time support staff handling operations, hiring, quality assurance and sales.

We eventually decided that the Philippines VA space wasn’t for us, and sold the company in May 2019.

I now offer consulting services. My focus is on website creation/copywriting, ad management and startup planning and growth strategy.

If you’d like to chat, I can be reached at